Just Start

Start a project or program, design something, or launch a venture

Did you know that ASU was recently named the #1 most innovative university by U.S. World and News Report?

ASU students are innovative problem-solvers who apply their passion, knowledge, and experience to create new solutions to local and global challenges.

No matter what your major, you can tap into a robust ecosystem at ASU to access resources to launch and sustain your innovative project, prototype, partnership or venture. Whatever stage your idea is in, just start!

ASU students develop an app to help save lives: ARKHumanity reaches out to those in need

What is your idea to change the world? Explore the links below to find resources to make your ideas happen:

  • INNOVATE Newsletter - Sign up for Changemaker’s weekly listing of opportunities and resources for social innovators and entrepreneurs
  • Startup Summit - Attend Startup Summit, a student-planned gathering of ASU's most passionate entrepreneurs, social innovators and changemakers
  • Office of Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • ASU Innovation Challenges - Explore a series of competitions that are defined and led by ASU colleges and schools to provide students with an opportunity to engage in relevant and real problems and create real solutions that can have an immediate impact.
    • Woodside Community Action Grant - Apply for a Woodside Community Action Grant and receive up to $1,500 to carry out service-focused projects in the local community
    • EDSON - If you’re a student with a big idea, the Edson Student Entrepreneur Initiative is your chance to turn your idea into a successful venture.
    • Igniter - Win $50,000 to bring your entrepreneurial idea to life! The Sun Devil Igniter Challenge is open to all ASU students who see the reward in risk and possess the drive to create change through a disruptive, innovative idea
    • Pakis Social Entrepreneurship Challenge - The Pakis Social Entrepreneurship Challenge is open to all ASU students who wish to make change in the world through the creation of new ventures
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship Classes - Enroll in one of nearly 90 entrepreneurship courses or explore the numerous entrepreneurship-related degree and certificate programs at ASU
    • Engineering Projects in Community Service - EPICS, is a national award-winning social entrepreneurship program. Teams design, build and deploy systems to solve engineering-based problems for charities, schools and other not-for-profit organizations
    • Innovation Space - InnovationSpace is an entrepreneurial joint venture among the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering and W.P. Carey School of Business. The goal of our transdisciplinary education and research lab is to teach students how to develop products that create market value while serving real societal needs and minimizing impacts on the environment.
    • PAVE - The Pave Program in Arts Entrepreneurship focuses on educating students, artists and educators about how the principles of entrepreneurship can support the development of creative opportunities for all artists
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship Student Organizations - Join an entrepreneurship-oriented student organization or start one that aligns with your passions

If you are aware of an ASU resource for innovation and entrepreneurship that is not represented here, please let us know by emailing changemaker@asu.edu.