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The Woodside Community Action Grant is a seed-funding competition for ASU students that are passionate about service. Students are eligible to receive funding to carry out service-focused projects in the local community. Projects should be engaging, community-driven, solutions-focused and sustainable, in that the impact is long-term. Proposals are accepted in the Fall 2021 semester, and students will have until Summer 2022 to implement their projects. 

Apply for a Woodside Community Grant and receive up to $1500 for the spring semester. Students can apply as individuals or as members of a team. Students are highly encouraged to partner with other ASU students in order to submit a more competitive application.

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2019-20 Application Process

Dates & Deadlines

Dates & Deadlines

Woodside Community Action Grants – Spring 2020 Dates & Deadlines

Application OpenJanuary 13, 2020
Application ClosesMarch 1, 2020
Pitch Day (invitation only)TBD
Announce Woodside Grant RecipientsTBD

Official Rules

Official Rules

Failure to follow the Official Rules below will result in disqualification.

Please review these requirements carefully before submitting your proposal. Writing workshops and office hours are also available for those seeking additional support in developing an effective submission.

Student organization and team eligibility

  • All full or part-time students at Arizona State University can participate.
  • Any registered student organization or team of students (of up to 5 members) is eligible.
  • Each proposal must designate a team leader; team leaders must be full-time or part-time undergraduate or graduate degree-seeking ASU students for the full 2019-2020 school year. Final round applicants will be asked to provide proof of enrollment for the Spring 2020 semester. Students leading teams that are named as Woodside Community Action Grants winners must be in good academic and disciplinary standing at the time awards are presented.
  • Failure to follow the guidelines below will result in disqualification. Please read the following instructions carefully.

Use of Funds

Use of Funds

  • Winning teams will have until Fall 2020 (official date will be announced) to utilize funds.
  • Funds may be used for expenses that successfully advance a sustainable community action project. Some examples of eligible expenses include materials, supplies, and marketing materials. Funds may NOT be used for tuition, textbooks, business meals/entertainment, personal computers, travel (pending your travel usage, an appeal process is possible), or salaries/wages for team leaders/mentors/members.
  • A Student Committee will make recommendations regarding the use of funds with final decisions to be made by the Woodside Endowment. ASU staff reserve the right to decide whether or not expenses are acceptable for the use of Woodside Community Action funds.

Judging Criteria

Judging Criteria

Woodside Community Action Grants applications will be reviewed by a committee of students who are passionate about advancing innovation in service. The Woodside Committee will review the proposals recommended by the student committee and make final decisions regarding the award of funds.

Judges will use the following criteria to evaluate applicants.

SERVICE: Does the initiative focus on community service and volunteerism?
PROJECT TOPIC: Is the social issue being addressed relevant to local community needs?
SUSTAINABILITY: Has the applicant(s) identified strategies for their project’s effect to continue?
IMPLEMENTATION: Has the applicant(s) clearly listed how they will carry out their project?
BUDGET: Does the applicant have a clear and thoughtful budget prepared?
CHALLENGES/SOLUTIONS: Has the applicant identified barriers and solutions to challenges?
PASSION: Has the applicant(s) identified why they are passionate about this local issue?
INDIVIDUAL/TEAM LEADERSHIP ABILITY: Is the applicant a part of a successful team of individuals who will assist them in carrying out this project?
COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIPS: Has the applicant(s) identified partners in the community needed to implement the project?