Student Leadership Team

Changemaker Central @ ASU is a student-led initiative designed to inspire, catalyze, and sustain student-driven social change.  The Student Leadership Team is carefully selected through a thorough student-led interview process. These students are passionate about service and social entrepreneurship and seek to inspire their peers to be passionate as well.

Each Changemaker Program is managed by a Chair and is supported by a dedicated team of committee members who work together to create and implement all of the Changemaker programs.  Click here for more information about joining a Changemaker Program Committee or reach out to any member of the Student Leadership Team for more information.


Join the 2018-2019 Changemaker Central Student Leadership Team!  


Downtown-Changemaker Director
University-Wide Changemaker Storytelling Chair


University-Wide Changemaker Action Grant Chair - 39672BR
Tempe-Service Chair - 39668BR
Tempe -Changemaker Vice Director - 39671BR
Tempe-Changemaker Director - 39669BR
Change Agent Supervisor - 39667BR
Change Agent Lead - 39666BR
Entrepreneurship & Innovation Chair - University Wide - 40039BR
Entrepreneurship & Innovation Chair - Tempe - 40038BR
Storytelling Chair - Tempe - 40036BR
Sustainability Chair - Tempe
Civic Engagement Chair - Tempe - 40037BR
Marketing Chair - Tempe


Polytechnic-Changemaker Director - 39869BR
University-Wide Changemaker Marketing Chair - 39868BR


West-Changemaker Director - 39861BR
University-Wide Changemaker Service Leadership Chair