Change Agents

Change Agents educate and inspire students to get involved in the community through a variety of pathways to affect local and global change.

Change Agents play a significant role in facilitating the use of the Changemaker Spaces as a community for like-minded students to gather, access resources, and plan/attend events. Change Agents answer inquiries regarding community service, service learning, national service, entrepreneurship and high impact careers both in-person and on the phone; schedule meeting room space in Changemaker Central; and interact in a professional manner with students, parents, departments, and other community entities or individuals in need of information and resources.

Positions exist at all four campuses as hourly student employment.  Currently all positions are filled. Please check back periodically or visit the ASU Student Employment website for openings and to apply.

2016-17 Change Agents

Changemaker Central Downtown

Changemaker Central Downtown


Michelle Silverio Shay Shelton
Genevive Damasco Sophia Acosta
Joy Ivy Yaritza Carbajal
Andres Rosales Andy Moreno


Name: Genevive Damasco
Campus: Downtown
Major: Nutrition
Bio:Inspire fellow students to become agents of change by acting as a catalyst in creating global solutions to issues they are impassioned about.

Name: Joy Ivy
Campus: Downtown
Major: Interdisciplinary Studies
Bio: I am a Change Agent because I like engaging in meaningful conversations with people about societal ills and current vents to gain perspective and provide mu own unique insight.

Name: Andres Rosales
Campus: Downtown
Major: Communication
Bio: I am a Changemaker because I want to help people realize that they can positively affect their communities - and the entire world. I want to help people understand that their ideas can become great things that can ultimately make something and/ or someone better.

Name: Michelle Silverio
Campus: Downtown
Major: Social Work
Bio: Hello, my name is Michelle Silverio, and I like being able to connect students to service opportunities, and I love getting to see them come back to volunteer again and again!

Name: Sophia Acosta
Campus: Downtown
Major: Health Care Policy
Bio: I think that it is super important to remain involved within the community and to instill in others the idea that being an entrepreneur & an agent of change should be about love and a passion, not a task or a few hours of required time.

Name: Yari Carbajal
Campus: Downtown
Major: Communication & Minor in Spanish
Bio: I like to share my stories on how community service has changed my life and benefitted me in such a large way. Our service events are to show students how simple, fun and rewarding it is to become an agent of change.

Name: Shay Shelton
Campus: Downtown
Major: Nursing
Bio: I am a Changemaker because I love what we represent and being able to give back through volunteering around Phoenix.

Name: Andy Moreno
Campus: Downtown
Major: Family & Human Development
Bio: My name is Andy Moreno, I encourage students to pursue their passions, give back to the community and live life to the fullest.

Changemaker Central Poly

Changemaker Central Poly


David Benjamin Brianna Pope
Roshan Rosario Hilary Verghees Greg Cotterell Jr.
Julia Anderson Leirbag Fajardo
Peter Nithin Emmanuel  

Name: David Benjamin
Major: STEM Elementary Education
Campus: Poly
Bio: Hello, my name is David Benjamin, I am a newly hired Change Agent and also a STEM Elementary Education major. I came from California to go to college out here because California is expensive and I get my teaching certificate 1 year earlier. Some of my interests are teaching and tutoring, along with gaming and sleeping. One of my goals is to enter a tournament and hopefully get past pools. Another one of my goals is to change education by going to the board of Education. I hope to achieve those goals by using the Change Maker cores to push me to my end results.

Name: Brianna Pope
Major: Pre-Veterinarian
Campus: Poly
Bio: Hello my name is Brianna and I am from Southern California. I have always wanted to be a veterinarian mainly because I grew up in an animal loving home. My goal is to get my degree work my way up to a PhD and hopefully work with large animals and house pets too. I found my passion for service in high school and I work for Changemaker because I've always loved working with people and using my skills to help the community and one day to help the world. In the future, I plan to use my new Changemaker skills and implement them into everything I do.

Name: Greg Cotterell Jr.
Major: Technological Entrepreneurship and Management
Campus: Poly
Bio: My name is Greg Cotterell Jr and was born in Bakersfield, California. After high school I had aspirations of being a poker pro playing cash games. Through my time playing poker I was able to see most of the 50 states living in five of them. Through my travels I noticed there were people in need all across the US which brought me to ASU. I’m glad to of found Changemaker because it allows me to make a difference and raise awareness about different issues in the community.

Name: Julia Anderson
Major: English and History
Campus: Poly
Bio: I’m currently a junior on the ASU Polytechnic Campus. I am the Student Lead at Changemaker Central, and a Senator for Undergraduate Student Government. In my free time I enjoy being outdoors, spending time with my friends, and with my cat.

Name: Roshan Rosario Hilary Verghees
Major: MS in Engineering(Manufacturing)
Campus: Poly
Bio: I am from Chennai, which is a city in the southern part of India. I am a master student specializing in manufacturing. My undergraduate major was mechanical engineering. I am crazy about cars and that is the reason why I took mechanical as my major. I like driving and traveling and also to play football. I work as a Change agent for Changemaker Central at Poly campus. Inspired by the words of Winston Churchill, 'We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we get', I feel that it is necessary to give back to the society and changemaker acts as a platform for that. Added to that, Change is the only thing which never changes, and I want to be that Change-maker!

Name: Leirbag Fajardo
Major: Software Engineer
Campus: Poly
Bio: I am a Change Agent for Changemaker Central at Polytechnic. I believe in developing an environment where people engage in a healthy and peaceful manner. Creating the social change so everyone understands each other and hatred is eliminated from the planet is a goal of mine. Without hatred, malevolent acts will stop. I enjoy talking to people and meditating on my spare time. I feel that if everyone would take just 10 minutes of their day and meditate we will be happier with ourselves.

Name: Peter Nithin Emmanuel
Major: Master of Science in Engineering
Campus: Poly
Bio: I personally believe that every action has a subsequent effect, good or bad. Essentially it changes something making us all Changemakers. I want to be the good kind of Changemaker who leaves a lasting impact in the positive direction which will only get better as it gets passed down. Changemakers’ ideology of Service, Leadership and Entrepreneurship are something I feel I relate very closely too. Their interdependence in everyday life is something I relate to very closely as I work on a startup myself. I believe that anybody with a service mind will be a natural leader by example thus making him a naturally successful entrepreneur.

Changemaker Central Tempe

Changemaker Central Tempe


Rabail Abbas Nathan Alexander Tom
Molly Findlay Selma Ismail
Yann Raymond Hadi Saeed
Ali Muhammad Rafiq Lindsay Dusard
Erica Balderas  

Change Agent Supervisor
Name: Rabail Abbas
Campus: Tempe
Major: Tempe/Polytechnic
Bio: I am a changemaker because I believe in justice and equality for humanity. I am a changemaker because I refuse to stay silent on the sidelines on pressing issues of our time. I believe our words, ideas, and creations can make the world a better place. Changemaker surrounds me with like-minded individuals who want to make positive differences both locally and globally, while also inspiring me to do the same.

Change Agent Lead
Name: Molly Findlay
Campus: Tempe
Major: Nonprofit Leadership and Management
Bio: I am a Changemaker because PASSION is my favorite noun and Changemaker Central is bursting at the seams with it. I love being around students who display this passion in their own unique ways, inspiring me to create my own kind of positive change!

Name: Yann Raymond
Campus: Tempe
Major: Sustainability
Bio: I am a Changemaker because I am passionate about service and anything which catalyzes social change. I would like to one day start my own social initiative, and I believe that Changemaker Central offers the best environment and support for anyone to ignite their passion.

Name: Ali Muhammad Rafiq
Campus: Tempe
Major: Computer Science
Bio: Changemaker touched my heart. I have a longing, a real ache, to help others discover what Changemaker Central can do for them.
How Changemaker relates to you: The ideas of Changemaker are going to become the greatest collective impacts of tomorrow. I can’t sit on the sidelines when this happens, I want to be playing on the field.

Name: Erica Balderas
Campus: Tempe
Major: Business (Public Service and Public Policy)
Bio: I am a Changemaker because I enjoy making the world a better place to live and encouraging others in my community to give back. I am inspired by Changemaker Central because it is a place where I can express my passions and be surrounded by individuals who also believe in shaping a better world.

Name: Nathan Alexander Tom
Campus: Tempe
Major: Supply Chain Management
Bio: I am a Changemaker because I wish to pursue passion, initiate action, and take charge of the change in myself and others in the ASU community.
How Changemaker relates to you: Changemaker relates to me because I value improvement and family, two things which have made me fall in love with Changemaker. Not only am I able to be a part of something that improves my community so much more than I could as an individual, but I can do it with an amazing group of individuals that act as a family during our events and even more behind the scenes.

Name: Selma Ismail
Campus: Tempe
Major: Global Studies and Business, Public Service Public Policy
Bio: I am a Changemaker because I believe in the power of empathy. Whether it is through one of the pillars-be it entrepreneurship, service, or storytelling, empathy can be applied to anyone of those avenues. I believe strongly in the idea that trying to understand one another will take us much farther than anything else. Working here makes me happy because I get to see people make effective change through empathy everyday. It's a place that promotes awareness, social justice, and inspiration. I am just happy to be here.

Name: Hadi Saeed
Campus: Tempe
Major: Biochemistry engineering & chemistry
Bio: I think everyone is a change maker, we merely differ in the way we spread change out in the world. I am a change maker because there are many things in this world that need to change. Every single day i wake up and i know deep down that i'm not the same person I was yesterday, I can't stop changing, because it is something constant but choosing between changing into something positive or negative is up to each one of us, and I’m absolutely aiming to positivity as is everyone in Changemaker Central.

Name: Lindsay Dusard
Campus: Tempe
Major: Public Policy and Marketing
Bio: I am a Changemaker because I believe that I can be! Everyone has the ability to create change in the spaces where they interact. I am a change maker because I choose to listen and do what I can about the struggles that I see in our community, our world, and in the lives of people around me. Changemaker has been a place for me to learn and grow, both personally and professionally.

Changemaker Central West

Changemaker Central West


Marvin Villa Iraj Khadka
Ernesto Oliva Joel Rivera Jr
Mercedes Sauvé  

Name: Marvin Villa
Campus: West
Major: Psychology
Bio: I am a Changemaker because I like lending a hand to those in need, it's a good use of my time, which is why I like to dedicate myself to service. When I do service, I know that there is work being done. Furthermore, my feed for service or change in the community is the facial expressions that people give off when they get an extra hand that is assisting them with their tasks for such day.

Name: Ernesto Oliva
Campus: West
Major: Social and Cultural Analysis
Bio: I am a Changemaker because I find that I am most happy when I lose myself in service. I find purpose in my life when I am implementing innovative ideas that will positively influence our local and global community. I love Changemaker Central because it is a place where I am able to work alongside others who share the same burning passion to make a difference while having fun.

Name: Mercedes Sauvé
Campus: West
Major: Psychology, BS; Business Minor
Bio: I am a Changemaker because I have a passion for helping people especially when it comes to mental health and specifically veterans. Eventually I want to help them by being a clinical psychologist and help with them through a counseling setting. Currently I’m working on spreading awareness and knowledge not only about the struggles that veterans face, but also information about mental health in general. Changemaker has the resources and connections to reach out not only to the ASU community, but the surrounding community as well. It’s also a great way to connect with people who have similar passions for helping others.

Name: Iraj Khadka
Campus: West
Major: Biology
Bio: I am a Changemaker because I believe that everyone has potential to change their community or even the world, and I have always wanted to work with someone who has the same ideology as me. I am doing my best to become someone, someone that can make a difference. People don’t believe in me, but I believe in myself. I think the only thing that matters in life to succeed, is if you believe in yourself, and Changemaker is the one who believes in me and everyone. Therefore, to show my gratitude and help others believe in themselves, I became the part of the Changemaker. Because as Henry ford once said, “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is a success.”

Name: Joel Rivera Jr
Campus: West
Major: Communication
Bio: I am a changemaker because I woke up one morning and realized that I am not alone in life, and that the best way to surround yourself with people is to help people. Change is constant, necessary and it is a sustainable fuel to power thoughts into actions.