Be a Changemaker

Nonprofit internships can be semester or year-long placements at a nonprofit organizations, government agencies, religious organizations or community agencies. Search for internships through ASU or ASU Community Connect.

Make Your Impact
High Impact Careers for ALL Majors.
Apply your passions and skills to create positive social change in our local and global communities through high-impact opportunities. Learn about upcoming events, and connect with career resources related to entrepreneurship and paid national service with AmeriCorps, Peace Corps, and Teach For America.

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Service Learning Class
University Service Learning (USL) offers semester-long credit-bearing courses that provide “real-world” experiences that exercise academic skills and knowledge applicable to each student’s program of study and career goals while providing valuable service to a population in need. Students contribute between 70-100 hours of service at a local nonprofit, service organization or Title I school. Simultaneously, they complete an in-depth study of citizenship, social embeddedness, and community issues such as poverty, equal opportunities in education, health care disparities, hunger, immigration, environmental concerns, discrimination, and labor rights. As a result, USL students gain a comprehensive understanding of content knowledge, practical work experience, develop leadership and problem-solving skills, as well as cultivate a life-long commitment to civic engagement.

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Looking to complete service in your local community? Visit to find information on short term and long-term ways you can get involved!

Changemaker Partners
The “Changemaker Partner of the Month” series is an ongoing effort and will feature other partners, such as Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arizona, Girl Scouts – Arizona Cactus-Pine Council and Valley of the Sun United Way. Changemaker Partner of the Month highlights the work of community partners and connect the ASU community more closely to some of the area’s nonprofits. There will be multiple opportunities for ASU students, staff, faculty, clubs and programs, and the nonprofit organizations to interact, including:

    • Meeting with the organization’s staff during office hours in Changemaker Central,
      Volunteering with the organization, and
      An applied problem-solving partnership through challenge questions on 10,000 Solutions, which could include a chance to meet with executives of the organization to participate in an ideas exchange.

  • I am Changemaker
    At Changemaker Central, we believe all students have the power to make change, big or small. Read more on how these nine ASU students are changemakers and share how you are a changemaker by emailing us at We would love to highlight your story or help you start yours!

    Alex Green

    Major: Finance
    Campus: Tempe
    I am a changemaker because I am a student leader for service club on campus.
    I believe that because we, as college students, have each been given such amazing resources and opportunities, we have a responsibility to serve those that have not had the same chances. I enjoy sharing my passion for service with all members of ASU’s Circle K International club.

    Juliet Martinez

    Major: Communication and Global studies
    Campus: Polytechnic
    I am a changemaker because I am involved saving lives through with Relay for Life.
    Being a part of a group that focuses on change is something that truly gets me excited because it is fun to work past those challenges.

    Jessica Boehm

    Major: Journalism and Mass Communication
    Campus: Downtown
    I am a changemaker because I want to inspire every student to be engaged in their community through the power of voting.
    I believe that this world will be at its best when we all realize our potential to create change. I want to help people discover their passions and pursue their dreams. This will in turn make the world a better place for future generations! My life's goal is to help others become more civically engaged. I hope to reform political journalism and change the way people think about politics and government.

    Allie Oaks

    Major: Nursing and Global Health
    Campus: Tempe and Downtown
    I am a changemaker because I volunteer during alternative spring break trips.
    I love the feeling I get when I see someone benefit from an action I decided to take, even if it’s as little as putting a smile on someone's face. I have been blessed with the proper resources, support, and opportunities to improve the lives of others and feel I would not be fulfilling my purpose if I did not utilize what I have been given to make a positive impact. I want to see the world reach its potential- and I feel that my role within Changemaker is a small step I can personally take to speed up that process.

    Kamra Sadia Hakim

    Major: Global Studies Certificate(s): Social Transformation, Digital Culture, Arabic Studies
    Campus: Tempe
    I am a changemaker because I founded a local chapter of an organization that fights extreme poverty and preventable diseases.
    I do what I do because as a student leader, I believe in the power of the student voice. I was one of eight college students who received an internship through Chegg for Good and ONE, an organization. My internship afforded me the opportunity travel to Africa and see first-hand their challenges. Upon returning, I founded a local chapter of ONE here at ASU.

    Jared Doles

    Major: Film and Media Production
    Age: 21
    Campus: Tempe
    I am a changemaker because I started a local chapter of an organization that works to ensures all babies are born healthy.
    I founded the ASU chapter of March of Dimes because I believe in the mission of this organization that works to prevent premature births.

    Alex Sprayberry

    Major: Finance (Minor in Nonprofit Administration and Certificate in International Business)
    Campus: Tempe
    I am a changemaker because I work for a nonprofit that helps turn ideas into successful and purposeful ventures.
    I believe I was created for a purposeful life and the human interactions in every realm of my life inspire me to do the things I think I cannot do.

    Donna Evans

    Major: Biological Sciences
    Campus: Tempe
    I am a changemaker because am a student mentor that helps other students succeed.
    The last two years I have been a Mentor in the Barrett Mentor Program. I like to assist and be a role model for others whenever I can, and this program has allowed me to do just that. In retrospect, there are certain things that I wish had been exposed to or obstacles that I would have preferred to have some guidance in overcoming. I'm satisfied with my duties if I am able to provide some insight, advice, or simply a listening ear for undergraduate students that are making the challenging transition into college and have the additional struggle of maintain their status as an honors student.

    Patricia Mejia

    Major: Special Education with a History minor
    Campus: West Campus
    I am a changemaker because I am studying to be a teacher who will inspire children to make a difference in their communities.
    As a future teacher, I love inspiring children to grow up and make a difference in their community in any way they can. I know there are many ASU students who have great ideas but don’t know where to go for them and Changemaker Central will be there to give them that start.