Mission and Vision
Develops and nurtures students by providing the opportunities and resources to inspire, catalyze and sustain student-driven social change.

Empowers students to apply their education, expertise and passion for positive social progress and life-long civic engagement. Cultivates a culture that tackles local and global challenges through collaboration, innovation and diverse approaches to problem-solving.

Signature Programs
These signature programs support students in their journey to become changemakers by creating communities of support around new solutions/ideas and increasing access to early stage seed funding.

Devils in Disguise
Devils in Disguise is the largest student run day of service at ASU. Occurring each year in March, student organizations participate in this project by hosting volunteering sites for their fellow Sun Devils. Food, transportation, t-shirts and a great time is provided. For more information, email volunteer@asu.edu.

Changemaker Challenge
Changemaker Challenge seeks undergraduate and graduate students from across the university who are dedicated to making a difference in our local and global communities through innovation. Students can win up to $10,000 to make their innovative project, prototype, venture or community partnership ideas happen.

10,000 Solutions
The 10,000 Solutions Project leverages the power of collaborative imagination and innovation to create a solutions bank. As an experimental problem solving platform, the project showcases and collects ideas at scale with local and global impact. The 10,000 Solutions Project aims to see what can be accomplished when passionate people join a collaborative community that builds upon each other’s innovative ideas.

Ignite @ ASU
Ignite @ ASU is a public event for great thinkers and doers to gather, share ideas, connect with others and create change. It features rapid-fire 5 minute presentations that brings ASU students, faculty, staff and community members together to build more connected, vibrant communities.

Changemaker Central was created as a way to facilitate participation by making direct service, service learning, entrepreneurship, and high-impact careers more accessible and inviting to students. We wanted to break down the level of intimidation that discourages certain populations from participating.

Through entrepreneurship and innovation, ASU seeks to assume major responsibility for the economic, social and cultural vitality of the communities that surround it. It was selected as a Changemaker Campus in the Fall of 2010 by Ashoka U. Ashoka U works to strengthen entrepreneurship in higher education by disseminating key knowledge and resources, recognizing innovation, and facilitating collaboration between institutions of higher education, and with social entrepreneur practitioners. The Changemaker Campus Initiative, launched in 2008, focuses on bringing together higher-ed institutions that are moving forward and preparing the next generation of leaders in social change.

In January of 2011, a student steering committee was created to take the ideas from the Initiative, and tailor them to our community at ASU. The committee consisted of thirteen members including graduate and undergraduate students who were involved at various capacities throughout the university. The committee was tasked with creating the mission and vision of Changemaker. These students, from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines, also crafted ideas for the daily operations, and even envisioned the growth of Changemaker years ahead. They were fundamental in laying the basic foundation from which we would grow.

“Changemaker Central has surpassed all of my expectations of being a place where students are eager to visit. The whiteboards provide a great collaborative space and right when you walk in the door you feel a positive energy. I can’t wait to see how Changemaker Central continues to grow in all four campuses,” says Regina Duran, a student who served on the committee and now works in the Office of University Initiatives.

In May of 2011 the student steering committee concluded its responsibilities with an invitation to members of the community, future partners, staff and students to a presentation highlighting the work Changemaker Central will be doing. The steering community gave way to a selected student leadership team. These eleven students represent a unique collection of motivated and engaging individuals. Representing all four campuses, they will be tasked with reaching out to students and making sure that Changemaker Central is an accessible, versatile resource hub.

Today, Changemaker Central stands as a student-driven initiative. Not only is the Student Leadership Team able to make decisions about operations, programs, and future responsibilities, but students can also participate through committees and organizations can use the versatile spaces to meet their needs. Changemaker is not defined by one, but by four critical components: direct service, service learning, entrepreneurship, and high impact careers. This highlights the versatility of social change, and how our community is engaged.

In the years ahead, we look forward to continuous change and innovation in the way that we support and engage students.

Student Leaders
Changemaker Central is a place dedicated to students, developed by students. Our leaders are resources for you. Feel free to contact them, or stop by to talk with them about getting involved.

Name: Kaitlyn Fitzgerald
Role: Director
Biography →
ASU email: Kaitlyn.j.fitzgerald@asu.edu

Kaitlyn Fitzgerald is a Junior in Barrett, the Honors College studying Global Studies, Public Service & Public Policy, and Arabic. Outside of her work at Changemaker, Kaitlyn is involved in the refugee community, primarily through teaching English to refugees from South Sudan. Through her work at Changemaker Central and the Lost Boys Center for Leadership Development, Kaitlyn hopes to gain the skills that will guide her in her dream of improving opportunities for refugees worldwide. Kaitlyn is passionate about leveraging the experiences of people to create a better world. Other interests of Kaitlyn include growing Art in the community, improving access to important treatment for people with neuro- disabilities, and traveling.

Name: Monica Burba
Role: Vice Director
Biography →
ASU email: Monica.burba@asu.edu

Monica is very proud to be in her third year of involvement with Changemaker Central. Monica will graduate with her bachelor’s degree in Global Studies and Sustainability in May 2014 and will go on to graduate from the W.P. Carey 9-month Masters in Management Program in the Spring of 2015. Her involvement at ASU includes: The Leadership Scholarship Program, Tillman Scholar Program and Devils’ Advocates. Monica also serves as a Community Assistant in Barrett, a Research Fellow in the Center for the Study of Religion and conflict, and a TA in the Honors College. In addition to her involvement at ASU, Monica enjoys photography, music composition, theatre, baking and traveling. In the future, Monica plans to attend Law School, where she hopes to study International Economic Development Law.

Name: Eileen Farry
Role: Service Chair
Biography →
ASU email: Eileen.farry@asu.edu

Eileen is a sophomore majoring in Elementary Education with a focus in ESL and double majoring in Non-Profit. She is a member of Omega Phi Alpha, the National Service Sorority, holding a position as the Service Assistant. Eileen has worked in the Refugee community, teaching yoga classes and English to her students in Central Phoenix. As well as doing service in the country Eileen works with Vive Peru, a non-profit based in Peru, where she has worked as a social worker in the Trujillo and she continues to recruit others to apply and volunteer for the program. On her free time Eileen enjoys yoga, travel, fly fishing, backpacking, and other outdoor activities.

Name: Robert Choueiri
Role: Service Intern
Biography →
ASU email: Robert.Choueiri@asu.edu

Robert is a Business Economics Pre-Law Major in the W.P. Carey School of Business and also attend Barrett, The Honors College. He is minoring in Global Studies, and working toward an International Business Certificate. He is members of the Leadership Scholarship Program, the Tillman Scholars Program, and The Fleischer Scholars Mentor Program. He is also am the President and founder of Sun Devils Rising, Global Microfinance Brigades, and is on the Dean’s Advisory Council. He currently work with ESL students at the American English and Culture Program on ASU’s campus. He loves to eat, play soccer, and sing! He hopes to empower people to pursue their passions.

Name: Alex Green
Role: Innovation Challenge Chair
Biography →
ASU email: Alexander.R.Green@asu.edu

Alex is a Finance major in his Junior year. This is his second year on the Student Leadership Team for Changemaker Central previously serving as the Service Intern. He is passionate about Changemaker because he believes in utilizing the resources of the largest school in the country to catalyze and sustain lasting social change in the community. He is very excited for the good that Changemaker will be able to do this year!

Name: Justin Maenner
Role: Innovation Challenge Intern
Biography →
ASU email: Justin.Maenner@asu.edu

Justin is a sophomore in the Barrett Honors College majoring in Digital Culture concentrated in Music and Technological Entrepreneurship. He is a member of the Leadership Scholarship Program, Homa and Irene Wood Foundation, Worth and Dot Howard Foundation, Circle K International, Student Leader in Man Up, March of Dimes, and a Catalyst in Hope Christian Church. Justin works for Sun Devil Athletics as a Sound Technician. Justin is also a certified Personal Fitness Trainer. Fun fact: Justin has played the violin at Carnegie Hall.

Name: Jonathan Zia
Role: 10,000 Solutions Chair
Biography →
ASU email: jonathan.zia@asu.edu

Jonathan is a sophomore at Barrett, the Honors College studying Electrical Engineering with a Pre-Medical track and Chinese through the Chinese Language Flagship Program. His passions lie in the fields of technology and healthcare – he hopes to someday trek the world, making an impact through medicine, infrastructure, and technological development. He is also a lover of languages and cultures, and hope to experience and learn as many as he can. His hobbies outside of Changemaker Central are running, studying language, participating in community service, and working on engineering projects.

Name: Justin Bessant
Role: 10,000 Solutions Intern
Biography →
ASU email: Justin.Bessant@asu.edu

Justin is a sophomore studying Chemical Engineering and is an honors student at Barrett, The Honors College at ASU. He is passionate about entrepreneurship and spreading awareness about the need for quality education. In high school, he independently organized a fundraising campaign that raised $2500 for St. Matthew’s Elementary School to purchase a dual language kindergarten reading curriculum. In his free time, he enjoys being with family and friends, trying new food, shooting photos, and traveling. He hopes that his involvement with Changemaker Central will make a lasting impact on the ASU community as well as the world around him.

Name: Natima Neily
Role: Programming Chair Tempe Campus
Biography →
ASU email: Natima.Neily@asu.edu

Natima is a sophomore pursuing a double major in Justice Studies and Public Service and Public Policy with a Nonprofit Leadership and Management concentration and a minor in Spanish. She hopes to work for an international nonprofit and has plans to obtain a certificate in International Business. Beyond that, Natima focuses on Changemaker and the Organización de la Lengua Espanola (OLE) a young Spanish language club at ASU. Named after the Star Trek character Natima Lang, she has a deep fondness and sincere appreciation for all things different. She loves alliterations and existential conversations.

Name: Austin Lujan
Role: Programming Chair Polytechnic Campus
Biography →
ASU email: Austin.Lujan@asu.edu

Austin Lujan is a Junior at the Arizona State University - Polytechnic campus, studying Technological Entrepreneurship and Management. Engaging in many different activities on-campus and off-campus Austin strives to be a driving force of change and inspiration for all students on the ASU - Polytechnic campus, and in the University. Serving as the Programming Chair for ASU - Polytechnic, Austin strives to enhance the quality and purpose of Changemaker's reach and touch to all students and residents. By working with multiple organizations and University departments he plans to shape a future that inspires students to push the envelope in any way, shape, or form. Austin also has a strong passion for music, as a hobby he mixes different songs together in order to innovate the art of media. Austin loves ASU and everything spirit, he is always super excited about everything and has a positive smiling face!

Name: Ashley Brennan
Role: PR/Marketing Chair
Biography →
ASU email: Ashley.J.Brennan@asu.edu

Ashley is a sophomore studying Psychology in Barrett, the Honors College. She is originally from Tucson, Arizona. Ashley began her career with Changemaker Central her freshmen year as the PR/Marketing Intern and absolutely fell in love with the Changemaker staff, atmosphere, attitude, and beliefs. As a student, Ashley is also involved in University Housing, the Tillman Scholars Program, Social Psychology Research, the Barrett Leadership and Service Team, Talent Match, the National Residence Hall Honorary, Relay for Life, and the Barrett Mentoring Program. She is interested in education equality, community service, and the arts and hopes to apply her degree towards working in education reform.

Name: Christian Askin
Role: PR/Marketing Intern
Biography →
ASU email: Christian.Askin@asu.edu

Christian is a sophomore in the W.P. Carey School of Business studying Management and Entrepreneurship. He is passionate about what Changemaker stands for and what it has already done for students at ASU. His greatest passion is traveling the world and meeting people. From a young age he was fortunate to be able to see much of the world, and since then he has been addicting to trekking around the Earth. He hopes to forever change his environment and searching for the Changemakers around the world.

Name: Lillia Mrza
Role: Programming Chair West Campus
Biography →
ASU email: Lillia.Mrza@asu.edu

Lillia is a Junior pre-medical student majoring in Global Health at the School of Human Evolution and Social Change, as well as an honors student at Barrett, the Honors College. She is also a member of the Barrett Choir and The Underground Foundation which supports local musicians, artists, and poets and their passions. Her overall philosophy is to help others in everything that she does.

Name: Giovanna Prado
Role: Programming Chair Downtown Campus
Biography →
ASU email: Giovanna.Prado@asu.edu

Giovanna is a senior majoring in Criminal Justice & Criminology and also working on a certificate in Leadership and Ethics. She is a wife as well as a mother of a 4 year old son. She lives and breathes education and would like everybody to obtain one. Her passion is to educate and change the lives of troubled youths. She believes it will be a great privilege to be able to take part in changing this issue and working with these youths.

Name: Jenna Smith
Role: Special Events Chair
Biography →
ASU email: jssmit12@asu.edu

Jenna is a Junior in Barrett, the Honors College at ASU and she is excited to start her second year with Changemaker Central. She plans to graduate in May of 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts in Classical Language and Philosophy. Her involvement at ASU includes: Pat Tillman Scholars, Devils’ Advocates, and the Barrett Mentoring Program. She is also a Community Assistant at Barrett the Honors College and a Killam Fellow. She plans on attending law school upon her graduation, where she hopes to study education policy. In addition to her involvement at ASU, Jenna enjoys playing tennis, traveling, and hiking. She is passionate about education policy reform and hopes to to be remembered as a doer, as someone who had the courage to stand up for something without fear of being rejected.

Name: Soren Mickelsen
Role: Special Events Intern
Biography →
ASU email: Soren.Mickelsen@asu.edu

Soren is a Speech and Hearing Science Major and an Anthropology Minor. He love Deaf Culture and have been involved with the Deaf Community over the last several years. His hope is to work with youth at the local Phoenix Day School for the Deaf, whether as an intern, a teacher, speech pathologist, or audiologist. He wants to speak on behalf of those who voice is not always heard in mainstream society. He plans to further research in the Cochlear Implant Lab as well as dipping his feet into programs the Neurosciences have to offer.

Name: Maddie Houts
Role: Social Media Coordinator
Biography →
ASU email: mhouts@asu.edu

Maddie is a sophomore studying Marketing in the W.P. Carey School of Business and Barrett, the Honors College. She has been involved with Changemaker Central since her freshman year, first as a member of the Service Committee and now as the Social Media Coordinator. Maddie also dedicates time to Honors Devils as a Barrett tour guide and Ticket as an arts mentor. She is part of the Tillman Scholars Program this year with some of her fellow Changemakers. In her free time she likes seeing theatre performances, taking pictures and eating good food.

Name: Sharyn Tom
Role: Social Media Intern
Biography →
ASU email: Sharyn.Tom@asu.edu

Sharyn arrived at Changemaker as a sophomore and now dedicates her time to helping students become superheroes at ASU and in their local communities! She is currently working towards her double major in Marketing and Sustainable Economics, but you'll often find her behind the desk in her Change Agent polo and bow tie, or tweeting live at the Changemaker events.

Change Agents

The role of the Change Agent is to advance the mission and vision and assist in meeting the goals of Changemaker Central. As a change agent, you will be educating and empowering students to become involved in community service, service learning, high-impact careers and entrepreneurship. Change Agents ensure that there is always a friendly face in the Changemaker space to greet students and connect them to resources.

There are a variety of ways you can help spread the word about Changemaker Central. Below are a variety of presentations to help you get more acquainted. We invite you to partner with us, and are happy to present to your club, group, or organization about our work.

  TEDxAshokaU presentation
  In February 2011, Jacqueline Smith delivered a 3 minute pitch about Central at TEDxAshokaU
  (PDF / 3MB)

  Changemaker Central Introductory Info Session Agenda
  Agenda from info session held on May 4, 2011
  (PDF / 1MB)

  Changemaker Central Presentation Slides - 3
  Slides from May 4, 2011 Introduction of Changemaker Central
  (PDF / 8MB)

  Changemaker Central Introduction Presentations - 2
  Second set of presentatiosn from 5/4/11.
  (PDF / 2MB)

  Changemaker Central Introductory Presentations - 1
  First presentation from 5/4/11
  (PDF / 17MB)

  Changemaking Training 1
  Changemaking Training for Staff
  (PDF / 4MB)

  Changemaker Federal Work Study
  Information for FWS partners
  (PPTX / 1MB)